The brainchild of singer/ guitarist Andrew Forman, Goodfight is a new kind of pop band on the Brooklyn diy scene. A native of Boca Raton, Florida, Forman was inspired to form the rapturous indie band upon moving to NYC at the age of 18 and burning out on jazz gigs by 20. Among the many musicians Forman came in contact with through these performances, it was the collaboration with bassist/ producer Dion Kerr that instigated a new musical imperative, one that was more nostalgic of the sights and sounds from growing up in South Florida. In December 2015, Goodfight's prequel, Livejazz was born and their only EP, Florida Room, was put out on Kerr's Concerned Relatives. Livejazz dissolved the summer after its' creation giving way to the forming of Goodfight. From the start, as all the members are jazz mavericks, the band has buoyed its briny, flamboyant beach sound with lo fi indie pop backboned by harmonies from Bossa Nova and jazz. Taking inspiration from The Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, Amy Winehouse, and Antonio Jobim, Goodfight weaves an infectious musical web that as The Wild Honey Pie puts it, is "...effortlessly danceable, catchy without feeling clichéd". Goodfight's debut EP from which the single 'Lucy' was born, is being released this November and will be preceded and proceeded with a national tour. The band will be on the road constantly from October to December, before they take a break to get back into the studio.


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